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Monday, October 22, 2012

Theatrical Interpreting Intensive Mentored Workshop

The second theatrical interpreting workshop will be in April 2013 and will be a more intensive mentored training. There will be a project play and we - no, you - will be going through the entire process of theatrical interpreting preparation, leading to the final event of the group of chosen participants interpreting a matinee of the play. We will meet twice a week as a group, which will include attending the play for rehearsal purposes.

Prerequisites for this workshop are

Additional basic information:
  •  our first meeting will be the first week of April 2013
  •  we will begin seeing the project play the week of April 9 (evening performances; there may also be opportunities to attend a matinee on a Thursday or a weekend day)
  •  cost will be $200
  •  CEU/ACET will be offered if RID approves application 

More information will be available in December.

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