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Friday, October 5, 2012

Recap: Sweeney Todd at PCS last night

We had good attendance at Portland Center Stage last night for "Sweeney Todd." It's always nice to see both familiar and new faces in the interpreting section of the audience. And, the more the merrier!

Thank you to everyone who attended. And, if you couldn't make it to Sweeney, the next interpreted show is coming up in two weeks (watch for a post later today).

I also wanted to say "Thank You" to Carin Billings for stepping in a little late into the process to interpret with me. Carin first appeared at PCS last spring to intern with me and KT Corlett on Anna Karenina. Last night, for "Sweeney Todd," Carin really came through. She did a great demented Todd and an awesome job with the asylum patients and later another character whose last screws finally came loose. Thank you, Carin!

Thank you, Justin, for being our Sign Coach and for your signed videos!

I also want to mention one thing we devoted a chunk of time to: rhyming. Rhyming is a common occurrence in musicals, and Sondheim uses them well. These can be a challenge to translate into ASL because what makes it work in English does not work in ASL. Yes, ASL has similar conventions and approaches (handshape, movement; or ABC or number stories). So our challenge was to work with the English concepts and ASL conventions and make it work. I'm happy to say that we succeeded. It was a fun challenge and we did it.

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