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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

2019-20 Season Interpreted Performances

Here is a quick list of interpreted performance dates for  the 2019-20 season at several Portland OR theaters. The show title links to the specific production page (when available). Below the season is a key to the theatre abbreviations. Check back for updates. You can also follow Performing Arts Interpreting Alliance on Facebook and/or Instagram for additional information, insights, play reviews, and more. (Last updated 2/23/2020)

MAR 2020
W 03/04/20   PPH      Pipeline  
Fr 03/13/20   PacU     This Girl Laughs, This Girl Cries, This Girl Does Nothing
Sa 03/14/20   PCC      Our Town  (7:00 pm)
Th 03/19/20  PCS      The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time
Sa 03/21/20  PGMC   Reflections  (8:00 pm)
Su 03/22/20  PGMC   Reflections  (3:00 pm)
Th 03/26/20  PCS       9 Parts of Desire
Sa 03/28/20  NWCT  Elephant & Piggie’s, We are in a Play – On Tour (Portland 11AM)

APR 2020
Sa 04/18/20  CORR    Kissing the Witch  
W 04/22/20   PPH      Thurgood   

MAY 2020
Th 05/07/20   PCS      Howards End
Su 05/10/20   STT      The Antipodes
Sa 05/1620   NWCT    Elephant & Piggie’s, We are in a Play – On Tour (Salem 11AM)
Sa 05/16/20   PCC      In The Blood (7:00 pm)
Sa 05/16/20   NWCT   Seussical (at noon)
M 05/18/20   PCS       Teen Program Spring Showcase - free

JUN 2020
Fr 06/05/20   PROF    By the Way, Meet Vera Stark        
Th 06/18/20  PCS       Cambodian Rock Band

*Key to Theater Abbreviations, with links*

CORR   Corrib Theatre
LINE     LineStorm Playwrights
NWCT   Northwest Childrens Theater and School
PacU     Pacific University
PCC      Portland Community College, Sylvania
PCS      Portland Center Stage at The Armory
PGMC  Portland Gay Men's Chorus
PLC      Portland Lesbian Choir
PPH      Portland Playhouse
PROF   Profile Theatre
STT      Shaking the Tree Theatre

*Archived 2019-20 season*

SEPT 2019
Th 09/19/19   PCS    In the Heights

OCT 2019
Sa 10/05/19   CORR  Eclipsed      
Sa 10/05/19   NWCT  How I Became a Pirate (11 am)
Su 10/06/19   LINE   Welcome to Zion  *free*
W  10/09/19   PPH    The Wolves    
Th 10/17/19   PCS     Macbeth    
Su 10/20/19   PacU    Orlando (2:00 pm)
Su 10/20/19   STT      Bakkhai  (5:30 pm)
Fr 10/25/19    PROF   The Baltimore Waltz  
Th 10/31/19   PPH     Women of Will  

NOV 2019
Th 11/14/91   PCS      Redwood      
Sa 11/23/19   PCC     Dracula  (7:00 pm)

DEC 2019
W 12/11/19    PPH       A Christmas Carol (7:00 pm)  
Sa 12/14/19    PPH       A Christmas Carol (2:00 pm)  
Th 12/19/19   NWCT   Matilda, the Musical (at noon)
Th 12/19/19    PCS      Miss Bennett: Christmas at Pemberley

JAN 2020
Sa 01/11/20   benefit   Home: Songs for the Border  benefit concert
Mo 01/13/20  PCS     "Visions & Voices Winter Showcase" - free
Th 01/16/20   PCS       Hedwig and the Angry Inch  

FEB 2020
Su 02/01-09  LINE    *free* Fertile Ground readings continue [Mon - Sat 12-2 pm; Sun 6-8 pm]
Th 02/06/20  PCS       School Girls; Or, The African Mean Girls Play
Sa 02/08/20  PLC       Born to Celebrate (7:30 pm)
Sa 02/22/20  NWCT    Jungle Book  (noon)
Sa 02/22/20  CORR    James X

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