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Thursday, January 17, 2013

TONIGHT: "The Road to Mecca" at Profile Theatre

It's not too late to see the interpreted performance

This play is receiving rave reviews from audience members, as it should.
"The Road to Mecca
by Athol Fugard

TIME: 7:30 pm
LOCATION:  3430 SE Belmont St, Portland, OR 97214 
TICKETS: contact the box office 503.242.0080 (v) or purchase online 
                   Adults $30, Senior $25, Students (25 & under) $18
INTERPRETERS: Rich Hall and Dot Hearn

Here is what the audience is saying:
“One of the most devastating, beautiful, heartfelt evenings of theatre I've ever experienced. The women were incandescent and David Bodin broke my heart. It was incredible. Thank you, thank you.”
“It's AMAZING!!”
“I was mesmerized by it all. (The cast is) brilliant and spot on in every way possible. GO... Do not miss this one.”
“Brilliant. Great theatre.”
“I was captivated.”
“Do see the play because it is brilliant. Congratulations to Adriana Baer on her fabulously successful directorial debut in Portland!”
“Beautifully directed and acted with such power and tenderness by all three of the wonderful actors. Great set, sound and lights. Don't miss it. It's a gem...”

Eileen DeSandre as Miss Helen; Jamie Bosworth Photographer 
Synopsis: "Miss Helen, an eccentric widow and sculptor, lives alone in a small village in the Karoo desert. When Reverend Marius argues for moving her into an old age home for her own safety, Miss Helen questions whether to give up, give in, or go on. She summons the only person she trusts: Elsa, a young schoolteacher who loses her footing while taking aim at society’s treatment of the elderly and of those who do not conform. Birth, death, and what comes next are brought under examination as the artist courageously asks: What is true faith?"


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