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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

"As on the Stage: Increasing the Diversity of Performance ASL Interpreters"

Training Opportunity for Interpreters of Color

Do you have an interest, or potential interest, in performance interpreting? Would you like to explore what is involved and earn some CEUs?

I am offering a performance interpreting training for interpreters of color which officially starts next week (the week of October 1, 2018) - with watching the interpreted performance of The Color Purple* (*no cost to workshop participants, see details and an overview below).

My RACC grant application for "As on the Stage: Increasing the Diversity of Performance ASL Interpreters" - a training for POC interpreters, was approved - which means that the cost of this workshop/training is free for Interpreters of Color. The training includes discussion and instruction, as well as hands-on experience and watching other performance interpreters do the work. The interpreters involved in the the hands-on "internship" shows will be paid, thanks to the grant. The grant will also cover the cost of tickets to see the interpreted shows, so there will be no out of pocket expense to you.

The culmination of the training is preparing to interpret and interpreting "Crowns" at Portland Playhouse in March. For this, Pam Cancel will be coming up to Portland to be the primary mentor in that show preparation; and the 4-5 of the participants who interpret that show will all be paid performance interpreter rates. Pam will be involved at other times, as well; the how and when are being worked out.

There is no obligation in terms of future performance interpreting work. We need POC interpreters in the theater and I hope that you will find it fun and want to join us! If you want to check it out, give it a try, email me with any questions or to sign up **with IOC training in the subject line.

The basics:
- there will be a total of 15 hours of in-person workshop spread out, starting in October and going into March (process of preparation, resources, tips and tools, practice with source material, and so on). Participation in this training is free for POC Interpreters. 

attend the interpreted performance of "The Color Purple" at Portland Center Stage on Thu 10/4 at 7:30 pm. The cost of tickets for participants is covered by the grant. The reason I hope everyone can make this show is because the story was written by a POC playwright about POC experience, with POC actors and POC interpreters (Pam and Edwin Cancel are coming up from Ashland). If a participant cannot attend this performance, another one will be substituted.

- Participants will observe two interpreted performances, hopefully The Color Purple will be one, plus one more, between Oct-Mar (there are more than 15 to choose from in that time frame).

- participants will do a hands-up internship on one interpreted performance prior to "Crowns" : the two selected shows are "Twist Your Dickens" on 12/13/18 @7:30pm and "Sense & Sensibility" on 1/31/19 @7:30pm. These internships are paid, thanks to the grant. (If neither of those work, we will negotiate a different play.)  Preference for these hands-on internship positions will be given to interpreters with more than two years of interpreting experience. Newer POC interpreters are absolutely welcome at the training; and there will be additional internship opportunities if needed so that everyone has the hands-on experience.

several participants (probably 4) will interpret "Crowns" on March 20th @7:30pm. We'll be adding Pam Cancel as mentor and she will be in town for a week to work with those interpreters. All interpreters will be paid regular performance interpreting rate, thanks to the grant.

- CEU approval is pending. This is most likely going to be done as PINRA due to an emergency with the original sponsor. As of now, the estimated CEU total is 3 (not interpreting Crowns) to 4 (interpreting Crowns). The grant covers all costs associated with CEU processing. 

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