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Thursday, February 21, 2013

PCS: "The Whipping Man" 3/14/13 (trailer w transcript)

The next interpreted performance at Portland Center Stage will be "The Whipping Man" at 7:30 pm on March 14th on the Main Stage. (Note: This play will have three interpreters: Rich Hall, Jayodin Mosher, Dot Hearn.)

More information to come. But, for now, here is the trailer for the play, with a transcription below.

The Whipping Man Trailer from Portland Center Stage on Vimeo.

[Slow music, old negro spiritual] ...go down, Moses, way down in Egypt land, and tell old Pharaoh, let my people go... [singing fades when soldier appears; music continues in background]
"Badly wounded Jewish confederate soldier, Caleb Deleon, returns home full of secrets, to a tattered Richmond at war's end. He finds that his family has fled. And finding what's remaining in the Deleon mansion, are two former slaves, raised by his family as Jews. As they struggle to comprehend their new liberties, the three men unite to celebrate Passover and discover a tangle of secrets which tie them together.  Secrets which may ultimately cost each man his freedom."
[music, singing continues] ...when Israel was in Egypt land, let my people go. [End]

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