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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Performing Arts Interpreting Coordination and Training

Welcome to the Performing Arts Interpreting Alliance, the place to find qualified and reliable interpreters for your performance events. In addition to coordination services, Performing Arts Interpreting Alliance will also be providing training and mentoring opportunities for both new interpreters and experienced interpreters new to theatrical and performance settings.

The Performing Arts Interpreting Alliance is also a supporter of Deaf performers and Deaf theater. Our goal is to work in collaboration with Deaf performance artists and the community to provide not only accessible theater, but also to support and promote signed theater.

I have been interpreting theatrical, literary, music, and other performances since 1995. My love of and involvement in theater go back many years before that. I have been coordinating interpreters continuously at a couple of local theaters for over 10 years, and have provided intermittent and one-time interpreting support for other performance events and venues. I have also been an interpreter educator and have provided mentoring for individuals and groups of interpreters, including theatrical interpreting.


Stay tuned as this site develops. There will be an explanation of performance interpreting services - including coordination and interpreting - with a schedule of shows. There also will be mentoring and training opportunities.

I also want to clarify that "performance" in this context includes theater, music concerts, dance, and literary or spoken word events.

For now - hello! Check back for updates as the site continues to grow and more performances and training events are added to the calendar. You can send an email and follow us on Twitter.

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