Quick list of ASL interpreted performances

2023-24 season Theatrical signed performances [updated 5/12/24]

A quick list of signed performance dates for the 2023-24 theater season. Check back for updates, as new plays, concerts, readings, and so on...

Tuesday, August 23, 2022

2022-23 Interpreted Performance: the quick list

(Updated 07/07/2023A quick list of interpreted performance dates for the 2022-23 season at several Portland OR metro area venues. The show titles link to the specific production page (when available). Below the season is a key to the theatre abbreviations. Check back for updates. You can also follow Performing Arts Interpreting Alliance on Facebook [paiaPDX] and/or Instagram [paia_pdx] for additional information, insights, play reviews, and more.

Check the theatres' websites for the most up to date information regarding safety protocols or programming updates

The following two productions are available for streaming on-demand with ASL interpretation 

ART: Mercury Company     Berlin Diaries
ART: Mercury Company     Magellanica 

The following interpreted performance list will be updated as new productions are added.

JUL 2023
July 28-30     PCS       JAW New Play Festival 

*Key to Theater Abbreviations, with links*

ART        Artists Repertory Theatre
B&B        Bag & Baggage Productions
CORR     Corrib Theatre
MODA     Rose Quarter/Moda Center/Veterans Memorial Coliseum
PacU       Pacific University 
PCC        Portland Community College, Sylvania 
PCS        Portland Center Stage at The Armory
PGMC     Portland Gay Men's Chorus
PLC        Portland Lesbian Choir
PPH        Portland Playhouse
RES        The Reser
TRR        Third Rail Repertory Theatre


SEPT 2022
09/08/2022    PCS    tick, tick, BOOM!
09/23/2022    "Biased Brains" at The Siren Theater
09/30/2022    ART    The Hombres cancelled due to interpreter COVID infection

OCT 2022
10/20/2022  PPH     Chicken & Biscuits
10/23/2022    PacU    How I Learned to Drive
10/27/2022    B&B    The Last White Man
10/27/2022    PCS      the ripple, the wave that carried me home
10/30/2022    Fuse     Story Share: Origin Stories 

NOV 2022
11/11/2022    RES     Caroline Shaw & SŌ Percussion  
11/18/2022    TRR     Blink    
11/19/2022    PCC     Wrong Number & The Hitchhiker 

DEC 2021
12/01/2022   PCS       Kristina Wong, Sweatshop Overlord
12/01/2022   CORR   Metaverse
12/3-4/2022  PLC       Be A Light
12/08/2022   PPH       A Christmas Carol   
12/08/2022   PCS       It's a Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play
12/9-11/22    PGMC   Light the Way Home 
12/15/2022   B&B      Danny and the Deep Blue Sea

JAN 2023
01/20/2023   ART       American Fast
01/29/2023   PLC       Breaking the Ice

FEB 2023
02/02/2023   PCS       Ms Holmes & Ms Watson, Apt 2B cancelled due to interpreter illness
02/22/2023   PPH       What I Learned in Paris    cancelled

MAR 2023
03/31/2023   TRR       I'm Black when I'm Singing, I'm Blue when I Ain't  cancelled due to loss of interpreting team

MAR 2023
03/09/2023   PCS       Young Americans
03/10/2023   CORR    Trade
03/11/2022   PCC       Dekalog
03/16/2023   B&B      I F#@!ing Hate Shakespeare
03/19/2023   PacU      Importance of Being Earnest *matinee at 2:00p*
03/16/2023   PCS       Where We Belong 
03/23/2023   B&B      Apples in Winter

APR 2023
04/26/2023   PPH       Great Wide Open

MAY 2022
05/04/2023    PCS       Choir Boy *not interpreted: interpreter emergency*
05/19/2023   CORR    Myra's Story
05/20/2022    PCC      Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde
05/26/2023    ART      True Story 

JUN 2023
06/02/2023    TRR      Mary Jane 
06/07/2023    PPH      The Sounds of Afrolitical Movement *not interpreted; interpreter emergency*
06/22/2023    PCS      A Midsummer Night’s Dream