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2023-24 season Theatrical signed performances [updated 7/16/24]

A quick list of signed performance dates for the 2023-24 theater season. Check back for updates, as new plays, concerts, readings, and so on...

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Bend Summer Theater changes (interpreting must be requested; new name)

*new* This summer (2018), if you use ASL and want to attend the summer play at Drake Park in Bend, you must request interpreters. There is no scheduled interpreted performance unless there is a request. The play this year will be "Jesus Christ Superstar."

The second change to Lay It Out Events' program, is that it is now called "Theater in the Park" and not "Shakespeare in the Park." They are not limiting the plays to Shakepeare. This year's play, "Jesus Christ Superstar," is a big musical about the last week of Jesus' life. The play has two performances on August 24 & 25.
If you want to see this play and need sign access, contact the sponsor, Lay It Out Events (see below). They are happy to provide interpreters, but only if there is a request. They have been great about providing signing access for many years and will secure interpreters IF there is interest.
I have been involved with coordinating the interpreters and have been one of the interpreters several times. My reason for sharing this information is that I don't want anyone to assume there will be an interpreted performance as there has been in the past. A request needs to be made, and far enough in advance to reserve the interpreters with enough time to prepare and Lay It Out Events will be happy to provide interpreters if you let them know.
contact: Lay It Out Events (541) 323-0964 or info@layitoutevents.com
more information: (Facebook event)  "Jesus Christ Superstar" at Theater in the Park, Bend OR
                             or on the Theater in the Park website 

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